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SKU: TB72215

VersaBlock™: The Ultimate Universal Tapping Block for All Flooring Profiles

Engineered for Versatility and Convenience

Introducing the all-new VersaBlock™, a revolutionary tapping block designed to accommodate multiple flooring profiles. Whether you're installing thin laminate or thick wood planks, VersaBlock™ is your go-to tool for a seamless and efficient flooring project.


Key Features:

  • Universal Fit: Perfectly fits all flooring types from 3.5 mm to 12 mm+ thickness.
  • Dual-Edged Design: Equipped with two different edges to handle a wide range of flooring profiles.
  • Installer-Friendly: Every feature is crafted with the convenience of the installer in mind, making it a valuable tool for the entire project.


Integrated Features for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Pencil Holes: Ideal for tracing lines against a wall, ensuring precise cuts and measurements.
  • Knife Notch: Designed for easily trimming tongues off planks, streamlining the installation process.
  • Built-In Ruler: Provides quick measurements on the spot, eliminating the need for additional tools.


Suitable For:

  • All Floating Click Floors: Including Laminate, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), MLF (Multi-Layer Flooring), and Wood.


Why Choose VersaBlock™?

VersaBlock™ isn’t just a tapping block; it’s an essential tool that adapts to your needs, ensuring every flooring installation is smooth and professional. Its versatile design and integrated features make it indispensable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.


Upgrade Your Flooring Toolkit with VersaBlock™!

Ensure your flooring projects are a success with the unparalleled versatility and functionality of VersaBlock™. Order now and experience the difference in your next installation!

    •  Redesigned tapping block to be universal for multiple flooring profiles!
    •  Fits all floors 3.5 mm to 12 mm+!
    •  Each element is built for convenience of the installer!
    •  Valuable tool for the entire project!

    VersaBlock™ is the all new versatile block with multiple flooring profiles and additional integrated features. The VersaBlock™ is equipped with 2 different edges making it suitable for flooring as thin as 3.5 mm or as thick as 12 mm or more! The pencil holes can be used for tracing against a wall, the knife notch is used for trimming the tongues off of planks, and the ruler measures up for a quick check during installation.

    VersaBlock™ is suitable for all floating click floors Laminate, LVT, WPC, MLF & Wood!

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