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  • VersaBlock™

    SKU: TB72215


    SKU: TB72215

    • Product Information

      •  Redesigned tapping block to be universal for multiple flooring profiles!
      •  Fits all floors 3.5 mm to 12 mm+!
      •  Each element is built for convenience of the installer!
      •  Valuable tool for the entire project!

      VersaBlock™ is the all new versatile block with multiple flooring profiles and additional integrated features. The VersaBlock™ is equipped with 2 different edges making it suitable for flooring as thin as 3.5 mm or as thick as 12 mm or more! The pencil holes can be used for tracing against a wall, the knife notch is used for trimming the tongues off of planks, and the ruler measures up for a quick check during installation.

      VersaBlock™ is suitable for all floating click floors Laminate, LVT, WPC, MLF & Wood!

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