E-Z Pads Felt Flooring Protectors 7/8"

E-Z Pads Felt Flooring Protectors 7/8"


SKU: FP98102

Reduces scratching & denting caused by chairs and small furniture!

  • Self Adhesive - quick application and easy to use
  • Reduces Noise - furniture with pads will move without the high pitched screeching and scraping
  • Reduces Scratching - felt padded bottom helps prevent scratching, denting, and scuffing of your beautiful floor

Comes in Multiple Sizes: 7/8" for small/medium furniture and also available in 1-1/4" to protect under your larger items!



Tables, dressers, chairs, couches, beds, stools, potted plants, and virtually all heavy furniture and accessories!


  • Find the point of contact between the furniture and the floor.
  • Clean the point of contact, making sure it is free of dirt and wax build up.
  • Remove the pad from paper backing.
  • Firmly press pad against the furniture at the point of contact. Make sure the point of contact rests on the pad.
  • Clean pads with a brush periodically to remove build up of wax and grit.
  • Replace when pads show wear.